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It's that time of the year when we start hittin' the road! On this page you'll find some cool help to get ya where ya want to go. There are links to campgrounds, maps, weather and a lot of other stuff. So let's get off the computers, and onto the scooters and ride!!

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More Travel Links

Wild Bill's Alaska Page: Some links that will get ya' up here, and back. Places to get yer' Harley oil, and all those other necessary items. You'll also find my favorite links to weather, the Alcan Hwy and more!
Horizons Unlimited: Horizons Unlimited Motorcycle Travellers Ezine, for all the latest news from Travellers around the world, from Antarctica to Zanzibar! These guys do some extreme travel on two wheels.
Hogs on the High Seas: Many of you have heard of it, well here it is! I've yet to go on a cruise with these folks but I have several friends who have and from what I've seen and heard it's a blast. Check this site out matey! Arrrr!.
LowFares.com: Most of the links on this page are directed at the road traveler, but if you need to fly, well this site is a good way to search out a fare. You can compare multiple travel sites with one search. Highly recomended.
Coastline Tours: Visit beautifull Vancouver British Columbia! Yea this is a great lookin' tour for you folks that want to see what I consider some of the most beautifull country in the world! Coastal B.C. is alot like home to me. You'll love it. Tell 'em I sent ya.
Costa Rica Harley Tours: Man if you want to see Costa Rica, this would be the way to do it!
Ray's Place: Chicago custom Harley repairs, they do it all, including parts finding.
Kamp Grounds of America: You'll find listings of KOA campgrounds thoughout the country here, as well as maps. I've used KOA a lot while makin' cross country road trips. They've got everything!
Camp USA: This site provides a whide selection of campgrounds across the country. They also list what is available at there selected sites
Beach's Motorcycle Adventures Ltd.: If ya want to do some tourin' outside of the USA, these guys will take ya 'round the world.
Maps of National Parks and Monuments: From the University of Texas at Austin, this is a comprehinsive list of on line maps of US Parks and National Monuments.
U.S. State Maps: Another great collection from the University of Texas at Austin. This will take you to Magellan and Avis road maps.
National Weather Service: Current Weather Warnings
Festivals.Com: This is a new site to me, but they have some good info on Sturgis here, and it's worth checkin' out!
I-95 Exit Information: This is a great site if yer runnin' anywhere from Main to Florida along I-95. They have weather, contruction reports maps, and great places to pull off the road. You could plan an intire trip online from this site.