Wild Bill's Biker Poetry

This is were you will find poetry by Wild Bill, If you have comments or wish to submit your own work to be published on Wild Bill's Culture Corner go to SHOUT BACK and send it in. Remember to let me know what your email address is so I can get in touch with you! If you've been to Wild Bill's in the past, you may have noticed I have made a few changes. The front page was loadin' kinda slow, so I thought I would do somthin'about it. Hope that the changes have helped you to injoy puttin' 'round the corner a little more.

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Poetry by Wild Bill

Packing in the evening...
Been a while sense my last long ride. I have one coming up soon. The butterflies that descend the night before you take off alone on a long ride can be keep you up at night!
The Hazard of Dukes County
Got the idea for this while on a ride. Passed a little town named "Dukes" and it was obvious what had to be done!
Motorcycle Jacket
AS some may have noticed I've been stretching a bit in my poetry. This is yet another. A motorcycle jacket is our world.
Child of the 60's
This is a new one and a bit of a stretch for me. The child of the 60's in the piece is me. I remember the day well.
Wrote this one night sitting at a desk on night shift. I like it or it would'nt be posted for your pleasure. Hope you like it, and I would be curious to know what you see in it.
My Scorn
I've had a lot of comments on this piece. The wonderful thing about it is that no one reads the same into it. Perfect.
Life Ceded
Death is a preoccupation for many bikers. We decorate our bikes and bodies with reminders and statements of mortality. It is also found in our literature.
Spark of Life
I like this one, don't really know if anyone else does... but I do. So, here it is.
No Life Without Her
This is a new one. When I first released this poem I was very pleased with the responses, I hope you enjoy it.
Left or Right
Every time you get on, you have to decide where to go...
Cyber Biker
A little somthin' that applies to all us bikers on the net!
Slim's List
Poetry about the Virtual Biker, and a great link!
The Drag
Runnin' Drag Bikes is a lot of work, and real discouragin' at times.
Tears of the Mother
Some Bikers become outlaws. This is the story of one.
Thanksgiving Tradition
Ya know it's important to do things with the family. Here's why.
Santa's Ride
It's about time Santa got somethin'!
No Man Rides Alone
A tribute to a friend who stood on principle.
Paperclips and Tape
A rare look inside...
Ride of the Fall
Fond memories...
Old Equipment
Every biker poet I know has written about this guy. My turn.
Ridin' East
A little story 'bout two guys on one of those rides that just don't go the way ya expect
Worth the Trouble
Kids... they sure can disapoint some folks.