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Welcome to Wild Bill's Link's. I've visited every link listed on this page, and they would'nt be here if they weren't worth visiting! These are mostly Harley Links. If you find a "Missing Link" or rather if a link is 404, let me know at SHOUTBACK. You can also let me know of any link's I need to add.

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Alaska Motorcycle Clubs and Organizations

ABATE of Alaska
Christian Motorcyclist Association Alaska
HOG of Alaska
Viet Nam Vets Motorcycle Club Alaska
GWRRA Alaska Chapter
Last Frontier MCC
Northern Riders BMW Club
Southern Cruisers Alaska Chapter
Hells Angels Motorcycle Club Alaska
Alaska Motorcycle Dealers Association
The Anchorage Racing Lions

Accessories and Apperal:

Jafrum Power Sports "The most trusted name in Power Sports" is celebrating 10 years of providing everything from helmets and clothing to parts!.NEW!
Revzilla Motorcycle Helmets! These guys seem to carry everything! Helmets is only a small part of their inventory. Tires, leathers and accessories just a click away!.NEW!
Helmet Express! Though they have other products, helmets is definately what they focus on. If you got a head, they got something for it. Check 'em out!.NEW!
Biker Style! Check out Bikerwolfs selection of equipment and apparel for you and your ride! He has leathers for him and her and some nice accessories for the bike as well!.NEW!
Foothills MC Apparel In Alberta; they carry Biker Gear, Apparel and Accessories. You can shop in store or online! Nice catalog and easy to use.NEW!
Pacific Coast Sunglasses These guys claim to have the best sunglasses in the world! Hmmm. Perhaps, you be the judge. They do seem to have a great selection! NEW!
GearUpHelmets.com Todd and the gang carry a full line of helmets, saddlebags, and other riding gear. Check 'em out! NEW!
Primal Leathers Randie and the gang at Primal Leathers provide Premium Leather Motorcycle Jackets and Leather Gear to motorcycle riders and anyone that likes to wear leather apparel. Check out their selection!
Bucklehead Knives Now this is a sharp site. These guys build a great blade and even show you how to use it. The knives they make are attractive belt buckles that double as handy blades.
Baggermans Shop Custom milled billet aluminum parts for your Harley or Ural. Dick has been doing this for a while and guarantees his work.
Bikerwear4women Yea, what the name impies. Teeshirts, tanks, thongs... you know the three "T's".
H.D.s Motorcycle Warehouse: This is a Bro's Club site!!
BikerMart: It's kind of like a WalMart for biker's. They got it all. Bikes, trikes, sidecars, apparel, leathers...you name it! They even have a chat room! (Just don't carry any merchandice in!)
Lazy Rider Cycle Bags: "For the most comfortable ride of your life" Look's like a good product to me.
Mustang Seats: Lookin' for a new butt rest for yer putt? Check these guy's out.
Media Vision Productions: This is a great place to get your Sturgis or Daytona Videos! They have some great links too!
Coker Vintage Cycle Tires: If ya need tires for that Vintage bike, these guys are the ones to go to.

Biker Art:

Guggenheim MC Exhibit: These are images of bikes that were featured in the Guggenheim exhibit. You gotta see this!
The HD Art Site: HD Art offers a huge selection of various artists' using a varity of mediums. The work is offerd in a logical menu and the pricing appears reasonable. Window shopping however is free!
The Art of David Mann: This is an unofficial site that displays a huge selection of the late David Mann's work. Well worth a visit.
Rate My Harley Motorcycle: Rate and Comment on Harley motorcycle pictures. Send in your Harley photo and see how it rates!
Rat's Hole Chopper Show: That's right! He has a page. And what a page it is! Loaded with some of the most beautifully customized bikes on the planet!
The Scott Jacobs Collection: Such works as "Rino Nights" and "Thunder Row" can be found here.

Biker Link Pages:

Motorcycle Clubs of the World: A very comprehensive listing of links to motorcycle clubs around the world!
Ronnie Cramers: Motorcycle Web Index,the most comprehinsive list of motorcycle links on the internet!
Harley Rider: Full of event's and links for the biker!

Biker Blog Pages:

The Many Thoughts of HarleyGirl : Harley Girl is out of Iowa, America's Heartland. Stephanie puts a lot of miles on her bike and in the chronicle she shares those maile and smiles. This blog is loaded with interesting people and places that make up our culture. NEW!
Midlife Motorcycle Madness Motorcycle Blog: Torch out of Texas hosts one of the top motorcycle blogs in the country. If you want to know what is new on the motorcycle scene, this is a great place to look!NEW!
Motorcycle Insurance Blog: Don't let the name fool ya, this is one kick-ass site with tons and tons of motorcycle news and reviews! I urge you to go visit this blog... oh, and you might just get some great info on motorcycle insurance while you're there!NEW!

Biker's Rights:

"Motorcyclists Against Dumb Drivers" The premise of the web site is that auto driver "ignorance" of motorcycle safety issues including auto driver "ignorance" of motorcycle accident avoidance strategies is the root cause of most of the dangers we face as bikers - hence the name of the site, "Motorcyclists Against Dumb Drivers" NEW!
Motorcycle Riders Foundation
American Motorcyclist Association
National Coalition of motorcyclists
Motorcycle Safety Foundation
Bikers Rights Online
National Motorist Association: This is a wonderfull organization supporting your rights to be on the road. They can help you with legal assistance, and have other recources.


Highway Poets MCC: Home page of the International Published Bikers
Wingmen M/C: Home page of the Wingmen Motorcycle Club. This is a growing group with active chapters in at least seven states. NEW!
Pair-a-Dice M/C: Home page of the Pair a dice M/C out of Texas. Events, and contact info!
Women On Wheels: Serving women motorcycle enthusiasts around the world! This is a great organization. You should check 'em out!
Harley Davidson Club of the Netherlands: These guys have their act together, they got a great site.

Discussion Groups and News:

The Rally Board: This new site has potential. The topics range from major events such as Sturgis to small local fund raisers. They also discuss motorcycle news. Check these folks out and post, discuss or otherwise notify others about your favorite rally, race or run.NEW!
The Biker Lowdown Radio Show: The show focuses on the Biker world. Each week the show features a call in guest to talk about something that is going on in the world of Motorcycles.NEW!
RiderInfo.com Boards: This site is rife with commercialization but it looks like the discussions are good. They have a number of different topics available.
Motorcycle.com Forum: Yea, they got their own... of course.
BikeZ: This site maintains discussion boards on a number of different motorcycle topics, makes, and lifestyles. Check 'em out!
Motorcycle Forum: Non-denominational forum on motorcycling. Check 'em out!
Born to Ride: This is a great site out of Florida man! I love this place. Good lookin' logo too! These guy's are bikers! Check 'em out!

HOG Chapters:

Harley Owners Group World Wide: "THE" Official HOG Page.
Harley Owners Group U.S.A.: "THE" Official U.S. HOG Page.

Help for Bikers and Clean & Sober Motorcycle Clubs:

Michael Ehline Is a motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles, CA and is a rider and former Marine. He assists military personnel injured in motorcycle accidents "...we will fight for the largest settlement by putting your case together properly and proving why you deserve this settlement..." NEW!
Michael Padway"The Motorcycle Accident Attorney who gets you back on the road quickly with maximum settlement"
Pathfinders MCGot a substance abuse problem? Don't stop ridin', stop abusin'! Check these guy's out.NEW URL!
Raw Silk MC
Messengers MC
Survivors MC
Riding Motorcycles on Insulin: A forum for Motorcycle Riders who also happen to have Type I Diabetes

Home Pages:

HogBiker.com Karl LeRay aka "Two Tone" is a professional webmaster and maintains a site that is definately above average. Two Tone is a fellow biker from Alaska and very involved in ABATE, HOG and the entire biker culture in South Central Alaska. Karl maintains a blog, posts news and events from the Alaska riding scene and offers a number of informative links. Check out his site and tell him I sent ya!NEW!
Wild Willy Parsons: The home page of "The Original Biker Comic" Yea that's right "As seen on T.V."! NEW URL!
Harley Mom's Place: This is a great site! Go check out Mom on the net!
Mountainman's Page: Now here's a man after my own heart. He's a great Biker Poet, and lives in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, British Columbia! His poetry is great! If you like my site, you'll find somthin' at his that ya like too!
Murphy's Law: Man if you ain't been there, ya don't know what yer missin'. 'Ol 4sp. is a bro that hang's around at the Virtual Biker. He's got it all, babes, bikes, art, and free speech!
Jack's Page: This site is loaded with great pic's, jokes, stories, and articals. One of the better biker pages on the net!


Motorcycle Manufacturer Index: This may be the most complete listing of manufacturers around. They appear to have left very few out. Check this site out if you don't see your manufacturer below, or if you just want to know what your options are. NEW!
Victory Motorcycles: Home page of the Victory Motorcycle from Polaris NEW!
Indiam Motorcycle Co.: Looks like they are really back this time! NEW!
Harley Davidson Motor Co.: Yep!! That's right, they got there own. And it's a good one too!
Buell Motor Co.: For all you American Crotch Rocket fan's!!
Big Dog Motorcycles: Another fine bike builder!
Ural America: Ural motorcycles are gettin' pretty popular in Alaska due to there sidecars and durability. Check these guys out.
Wild West Customs: As seen on TV!
Yamaha Motorcycle: The official site.
Honda Motorcycle: The official site.
Kawasaki Motorcycle: The official site.
Suzuki Motorcycle: The official site.
Triumph Motorcycle: The official site.
Ducati Motorcycle: The official site.


Thunder Roads Florida: Check these folks out! They cover everything on two wheels in the Sunshine State!
Motorcycle Goodies: Stop in at Jodi Lipson's Motorcycle Goodies. It's one of the better online magazines. You'll find product reviews, travel info, and they even publish Biker Poetry!
Belt Drive Betty: Betty has been serving Canadian Bikers since 2003. This is a good site, with great info on what is happening with our brothers and sisters to the East... well, North for most of ya'.NEW!
THE HORSE!: Join Hammer and the rest, The Horse is back!
Motorcycle Online: Just the biggest Online Motorcycle mag on the net!!
Bandits Bikernet: Some of the bro's from Easyriders(but not the mag!)
Vee Twin Interactive: Hot new online magazine of All American Motorcycles.
World Wide Glide: The original Biker Page. Loaded with technical info, free speech info, and liturature.
Texas Iron: Parts, catalog, BBS and a how too on customizing your Harley!
American Iron Magazine: This is Buzz Kanter's rag. Good one too. I read it aften.
EASYRIDERS ONLINE: Harley, Hot Rod, Tattoo and Biker Babe photos, videos and games.
Cycle News On Line: Lot's of bikes! Not many Harleys, but a good online mag.
Iron Works: The "Thinking Man's" Harley magazine.

Part's,services and Dealers:

Eye Kandi: Specializing in Custom Paint, Airbrushing, Art & Design for your Motorcycle. They have an full in-house paint & bodyshop with technicians with over 23 years of experience. NEW!
Columbia County Cycles: These folks are in Lake City Florida and provide a full service shop.Specializing in harley Davidson with a full lins of after market parts, they also service metric. It's a great shop and great people.NEW!
Rossmeyer Harley Davidson: Bruce Rossmeyer passed away while riding to the 2009 Sturgis Rally, there are numerous dealerships in Florida and elswhere that are part of the empire he built prior to his passing. What he is most famous for though is "Destination Daytona" The shop is a true destination for the motorcycle enthusiest. Hotel, resteraunt, and mutiple motorcycle stores. It's kind of like a mall for bikers!NEW!
Gainsville Harley Davidson: This dealer is just a few miles south of Lake City Florida. I've been there and it's a nice clean shop.NEW!
Cyril Huze: Check out some awsome award winning work, and all the accessories to customize your own bike.NEW!
The Bikeyard: This looks like a great shop in Toronto. They sell everything including a large selection of used parts! They also peddel a "Bikers Handbook" loaded with usefull info. Check these guys out!
Ron Harvey's Classic Motorcycles: Ron carries my book. He has a great shop in Palmer Alaska specializing in Vintage motorcycles, but also does repaires and service on newer models as well. You can even rent a bike there.
Anchorage House of Harley: These guys carry my book in their Boutique! Check 'em out. They also lionk to Denali HD and the shop in Soldotna. They have great part's and service!
Harley Davidson's Northern Most Outpost: This is the Fairbanks Alaska dealership. Great dealership and great website with links to their shops in South East Alaska.
Ray's Place: Chicago custom Harley repairs, they do it all, including parts finding.
Thunder Alley: These folks carry a huge line of bike parts. Well done page too!
Barnett Harley Davidson: These guys claim to be the biggest. I don't know, but they do have a very good website, with lot's of bikes for sale.
KB Performace Pistons: Yea...these guys make pistons.
Lehman Trikes: You've probably seen these guys work before and thought it was somthin' from the factory. Best retro-fit Trikes I've seen.

Rally's and Racing:

Sturgis Rally and Races: The official page! They have all the info you will need. From vendor information, to accomidations. Great site!!
Daytona Bike Week H.Q.: The official page of the Daytona Bike Week.
Dilligaf Daytona Page: Take a walk down Virtual Main Street.
Buffalo Chip Campground: That's right, they got one too! Man it's a good lookin' site too. Check it out!
The Laughlin River Run: Homepage, everything you need to know, schedules, accomidations...everything!


Ride Free Motorcycle Tours: One of The Oldest American Motorcycle Tour Companies in the USA; Established 1994, USA Nationwide, California, Pacific Coast Highway, Grand Canyon, Route 66, Sturgis, Yosemite, Yellowstone , Las Vegas, American History Tour ,RT 66, American Music Tour, Colorado East Coast and Blue Ridge Mountains, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Custom Tours . NEW!
Harley Davidson Events Page: Harley Davidson's very own travel site. This place will guide the rider to all the latest ralleys across the country. NEW!
Horizons Unlimited: A motorcycle travelers eZine, this place will open your eyes to some great travel! Stories, links, forums, and images of motorcycle touring all over the world and off the beaten path. Worth a visit even if you have no plans on taking a trip! NEW!
Wild Bill's Travel Page: Yea...I got a whole lot of stuff on this one! A distance planner, and links to weather, maps, campgrounds and touring outfits!
Coastline Tours: Visit beautifull Vancouver British Columbia.

Big Dog's Victory Links:

Big Dog in Soldotna, Alaska noted I had no links for Victory enthusiasts so he sent me a few he used while tricking out his Jackpot. I'll add to them from time to time, meanwhile this section is dedicated to him.

Victory Motorcycles: Home page of the Victory Motorcycle from Polaris NEW!
Kewl Metal Store: Loaded with custom parts so you can make it "your own." NEW!
MJM-Tomahawk : Official Tomahawk Indian Accessories. NEW!
Witch Doctors: Loaded with parts and accessories for your Vicory NEW!
Loydz Motor Workz : "Serving the World's Best Customers". NEW!
Conquest Customs: These guys build custom Victory Motorcycles. NEW!

M/C Clubs:

H.A.M.C.: This site will take you to every Hell's Angel's chapter in the country.
Outlaws Motorcycle Club: This is the official site of the Outlaws M/C International.
Bandidos Motorcycle Club: This is the official site of the Bandidos M/C International.
Amigos Motorcycle Club: Official site of the Amigos M/C.
Ghost Riders M/C: Germany. This is a great site. Most of the site is in German, but much of it is in English. They got some great pic's and links too!
Menehunes Motorcycle Club: Out of Hayward California, this is the official site of the Menehunes M/C. This club focuses on the traditions and culture of the Hawaiian Islands. NEW!


Jafrum History of Harley Links: This is a page that offers a pretty good list of links to articles on the history of the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Company.
MotoSport Bike Buyers Guide: This site comes highly recommended by Carley, a new rider who has been a fan of our links page for some time. She sent the link, I checked it out and can tell ya' it's well worth a visit! NEW!
Disiples of Christ Motorcycle Club: These guy's are puttin' together a good page. Check 'em out and tell 'em I sent ya.
Wheels of Grace: This site offers dozens of links to other Christian Motorcyccle Clubs.