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Wild Bill's R.V. Alaska
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By Wild Bill

Another day has come and gone,
Reflection comes again
As nature paints a masterpiece
Upon the windowpane.

Love lays warm beside me
In quiet dreams to rest,
While I in solitude recall
Beginnings of our quest.

A youthful child of seven
From her rampart spies
Another of her spirit
Consumed in joyous cries.

In that place we gathered
With adventure in our souls
Chasing fireflies
And rabbits down their holes.

Our pilgrimage of summers past
Beneath those ancient trees,
Limbs worn smooth by tennis shoes
And youthful jean clad knees

Thrust us both together
Through the seasons of our growth
From spiders, frogs and pigtails
To the joining of us both.

Our pilgrimage continues
Together in our bond
With our own adventurers
Of meadow, creek and pond.

We now return each season
To Kool-Aid chips and dogs
Sacrificing marshmallows
While seated on the logs

That form a circle 'round the hearth
That warms us 'gainst the night
Binding us together
In dancing firelight.