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Every once in a while something special happens that you want to tell others about. I have received an honor that I wish to share with the visitors to this site.

Wild Bill...


Bill Rogers AKA Wild Bill The Alaskan Biker Poet Set As BikerPoet Laureate of The Northern Frontier 2006!


From: K. Peddlar Bridges
Editor Publisher of RoadPoet eMagazine,
Super SundayTM Poet Laureate,
Connecticut Cruise News Columnist
and Columnist for motorcyclegoodies.com

To: Bill Rogers
The Alaskan Biker Poet,
Editor Publisher of Midnight Sun Rider,
BikerPoet Laureate of The Northern Frontier!

Rock and Roll ...

Congratulations Bill!

You have been set as Roadpoet eMagazine's BikerPoet Laureate of the Northern Frontier. You have been appointed as BikerPoet Laureate because you are one. Your history and talent have proven this. The criteria for being a Bikerpoet Laureate are; do you really ride or are you a poser? Need I ask? Do you have poetic talent? Again, Do I need ask? Do you have the history? And here is where it is easy to fall short. Do you promote others and not just yourself on a regular basis? There are many who don't promote others, but your web site has always shown that you are more than willing to help promote others and again your hard copy magazine, Midnight Sun Rider, has done the same.

You have earned this my friend. This is not just given, as BikerPoet Laureate of the Northern Frontier; your duties shall be to publish on a regular basis, minimal 4 times a year or quarterly. Publish others on the same regular basis, to promote Bikerpoetry, Motorcycling, Poetry, and to mention your BikerPoet Laureateship and Roadpoet eMagazine events and happenings on occasion. To try to hit a live venue every now and then to help promote Bikerpoetry and proclaim yourself as BikerPoet Laureate of the Northern Frontier.

Your BikerPoet Laureateship will run from August 1st, 2006 to August 15th, 2007 and may be extended in the light of the fulfilled given criteria. From August 1st, 2006 on you may sign any column, article, letter, etc., with your title as: BikerPoet Laureate / BikerPoet Laureate of the Northern Frontier, Roadpoet eMagazine BikerPoet Laureate, Etc.

This BikerPoet Laureateship was not given as a lone decision on my own part as the Editor Publisher of RoadPoet eMagazine, but was also concurred with and agreed with in spirit and word by:

J. Barrett Wolf, AKA Bear, Editor/ Publisher of Roadpoet-ny.com

Colorado T. Sky, Founder of The Highway Poets Mcc. and Former Poet Laureate of Connecticut Bikeweek.

Jose' Gouviea AKA Joego, Founder of The Bikerpoets and Writers Association and Event poet for The Springfield Mass. Motorcycle Show.

MarySusan Williams Migneault AKA Penelope, Editor/ Publisher of RoadHouse Press, Inc.

Gypsypashn AKA Betsy Lister, Roadpoet eMagazine's New Hampshire Motorcycle Poet Laureate, Motorcyclists' Post Columnist and Founder/Editor of bikerbits daily ezine.

Road Poet eMagazine will be sending out copies of this letter to those who have supported Bikerpoetry with cyberspace, ink or venues: Jodi Lipson of motorcyclegoodies.com, Leo Castell of The Motorcyclist Post, Don Clady of The Connecticut Cruise News Newspaper and CT Super SundayTM Online, to name a few.

Again, Congratulations Wild Bill!

K.Peddlar Bridges,
Editor/Publisher Road Poet eMagazine
Edited and Witnessed by Mary Susan Williams Migneault,
Editor/Publisher RoadHouse Press, Inc., July 13, 2006