Merry Christmas!

Ya know I've never heard a single story 'bout Santa gettin' anything for Christmas...well we should change that right now. Christmas is a wonderful time of year. We remember holidays more than other times of our lives so we should try to make them good memories for everyone.

I've been on the net for just a little over fourteen years now. A lot has happened. I've met some wonderful people, folks I would be proud to ride with. To all of you I wish the best! Have a safe and happy holiday. Oh yeah...don't forget to make someone else’s holiday a good thing to remember. It'll pay ya back ten fold.

Your Bro...
Wild Bill

Santa's Ride

By Wild Bill © Copyright 1996 all rights reserved.

Just a few days before Christmas Eve
Santa was getting ready to leave.

Old Saint Nick was feeling blue
Again his list was one to few.

For years he never said a thing
When his sled was full and he took wing

All but Santa received a gift
Not even a card to give him a lift.

Mrs. Clause noticed his frown
So she inquired why he was down.

He looked up and said "Forget it".
And then mumbled "I'll never get it".

Then in the Toy Shop where she cleans
She found a stack of magazines.

And with a scan she found out
What her mates mood was all about.

She told the Elves "Do something quick"!
"And make it fast it's for Saint Nick"!

All over the world they looked around,
But due to the season none were found.

Where one was hiding was a mystery
Then one elf said "Call the factory"!

So they called saying "Make it fast"!
"Paint it red and fill it with gas"!

"Ship it now marked Air Freight"
"We need it tomorrow, we can't wait"!

Then on the eve of the Christmas event
Santa prepared to make his ascent.

Mrs. Clause kicked him out of bed
And laid his clothes out all in red.

He started to leave when what did he see?
But a crate next to the Christmas tree!

To the crate a card was attached
He wondered what his mate had hatched.

He then tore it open and what was inside?
But a Harley Davidson Electra glide!

Then under the tree were leathers in red
And a matching beret to put on his head.

He then inquired "How did you know"?
All she would say was "It's time to go".

She never revealed how she knew.
Where she found that faitfull clue.

How in the shop laying beside her
Was a magazine called Easyriders.

So if on your roof you should hear
A sound that's plainly not Reindeer,

And the season is around Yule Tide,
It's probably Santa on his Electra glide.