Worth the Trouble

By Wild Bill
Copyright © 1999 All rights reserved

Everything I ever taught him
Seems to have come undone.
From the first day that I held him
And knew him as my son,

I taught him how to tinker
With old iron that was classic.
Not with computer monsters
Of new alloys and plastic!

The lessons I imparted,
Were how to torque a knuckle!
Saddle soap the leather
Take rust off of the buckle.

Adjustin' push rods handsomely
With nothin' but a knife.
Findin' old used parts,
That have a little life.

I helped him build a basket case
A 67 Shovel.
But now in retrospect,
Was it really worth the trouble?

I sent him off to school
To polish off his training,
But when I got him back
He'd suffered a de-braining!

High performance has become
His new preoccupation.
He lost all of his interest
With vintage restoration!

I guess I'll grab my coveralls,
And go see the little whelp,
'Cause after all his schoolin'
I think he needs the help!