I just love the Holiday Season! Like a kid I still look forward to it all year. Unlike my birthday...

This time of year brings back memories both good and bad. Memories will force their way into your consciousness whether you want them or not. So I've concluded that the best thing to do this time of year is remember the good things and try to assure that all those I love have happy memories. Good memories of family, friends, and other loved ones. So with this in mind the following is just a reminder to do something for someone else. Something that will bring back a pleasant memory to you and yours.

Your Bro
Wild Bill...

Thanksgiving Tradition

By Wild Bill © Copyright 1996 all rights reserved.

It's been a lot of years since I saw Ma and Pa.
I went through lot's of tears in all those miles I saw.

But the calendars’ been turnin' I've been dreamin' of the past.
For home my heart's been yearnin' so I'm headin' home and fast.

Ma and Pa will be awaitin' and listenin' for my bike
'Cause ma's been up bakin' all the pie's she knows I like.

My brother and my Pa and me will watch the football game
While sis and my Ma will tend the turkey under flame.

There'll be lumpy mashed potater's with brown gravy on the top
And green salad with tomater's from Ma's last garden crop.

The table in the kitchen will barely hold the food.
We'll need room to put the kid's in 'cause my sister has a brood.

It's a Thanksgiving Tradition to dine upon the floor.
All shiftin' our position 'cause our butt's are gettin' sore.

After dinner all the kid's will ask their uncle for a ride.
So I'll have 'em strap on lid's, take 'em all outside.

Then set 'em on the pad and grab a little throttle,
While my sister's gettin' mad sayin' I'm a "poor role model".

But I'll just laugh and say "Don't you remember Uncle Mike?
It was him showed me the way one Thanksgiving on his bike!