Tears of the Mother

By Wild Bill Copyright 1997 All rights reserved.

Born one frosty morning
to his mothers tears,
His destiny ordained
in helpless pain and fears'
He longed to return
while in confusion he lay.
And thus began his life
on the very first day.

Restrained within' his crib
then later to his room
For transgressions his parents
were to quick to assume,
His adolescence stolen
by an angry whip,
He soon wore on his shoulder
a permanent chip.

Many tried to intervene
but it was far to late
The first day he was thrust
behind an iron gate.
He met others of his kind,
with them he soon bonded.
Then to avoid due justice
together they absconded.

He spent his youth in search
of a quick way to the top.
But at every ladder rung
ran into a cop.
Then soon found the Highway
a'top an Iron Horse
As an Outlaw Biker
on a predestined course.

He lived beyond the edge
without inhibition.
To end in flaming glory
became his ambition.
And to that end he rushed
while taking from another,
His passing only marked
by the tears of his mother.