On Tattoos....

The following two poems are about the same bro. Not me, but I know that there are bros' out there just like this guy. I know 'cause I might be someday. I got my first in Sturgis in 1994. A little late in life, but better late than never. Any way, hope you like 'em.

My First

By Wild Bill © copyright 1996 all rights reserved.

I was twenty-nine and in my prime while in Sturgis in "84"
Though it was in style I had waited a while but I wouldn't wait anymore.

I walked down to the far end of town where there were a few of them lurkin'
And I looked about then picked one out and told her I was a virgin.

She looked at me and said "I see" then gently took my hand.
Then in a glide, led me inside, where she could meet my demand.

I was mesmerized as she organized, then she told me "This is for you",
As she took my arm, with feminine charm and gave me my first...tattoo.

Women of Ink

By Wild Bill © copyright 1996 all rights reserved.

I remember when I got my first one, in Sturgis in "84"
This good lookin' gal was wavin' at me from a rollin' parlor door.

She asked if I had commemorated this ride to the Sturgis Rally,
Well, with her high skirt, and low cut blouse I pulled out some bills to tally.

And on that night in a trailer her ol' man hauled from Boulder,
I got my first tattoo, sayin' "Sturgis" on my shoulder.

The next ink slinger that touched me was a biker in Kansas City,
After an all night bender, she caught me while I was gitty.

Then the one in Washington, at least the price was cheap,
She put somthin' obscene round my naval while I was passed out a sleep.

In Chicago I got the tigers chewin' upon my toes.
A Philly in New York City inked on this little rose.

The skeletonís streakin' across my back ridin' on flamin' Harleys,
Were inked by a charmin' red head at an all night place called "Charlie's"

Then one night while in Anchorage, on my arm where it's kind o' hairy,
I had a Grizzly Bear tattooed by the wife of a guy named Larry.

There was Suzan, Janet and Sheila who one night at a tattoo fest
Put a mural the Pope would o' envied all over the rest of my chest.

There's flora, fauna, bikers, babes and skulls of every kind,
Up my legs, 'cross my chest, my back and my behind.

But the last one I was talked into by a gal that needs a lynchin'
Was a snake rapped round my waist, with it's head where I can't mention!

So there'll be no more of those Women of Ink with their pictures of wonders and doom.
"Cause I learned my lesson from the last, and besides, there ain't no room.