You've stumbled into a place I like to call "Spiders Broken Chain". You'll find this poem in my book along with another about the same place. A broken chain can mean many things to people. Have you ever wondered about a bro that just disappears? I've had a few. We figure they just leave the state, or go off into another life. However there is another possibility. Evil is out there. We see it every day. Sometimes it takes the form of a neighbor a friend or the stranger on the corner. Perhaps evil has a face! Perhaps evil is a soul with a purpose! Wandering the earth looking for others of a kind...or the unwitting.

I hope you enjoy this little piece of work. I enjoyed writing it.

Wild Bill...

Spiders Broken Chain

By Wild Bill © copyright 1996 all rights reserved.

It was late in October the nights were gettin' cold.
The fall leaves had passed makin' all the trees look old.

A cold wind was blowin' that chilled me to my hide
But with the season over I wanted one last ride.

I came across a fellah broke down along the road.
The wiring on his Panhead had suffered overload.

In return for my assistance he offered me a tip
He told me of a Biker Bar he swore was worth the trip.

So I set off for the bar known as Spiders Broken Chain
To have one last night on the road and raise a little cane.

His directions led me onto the alternate from town.
A lonely, twisting road where potholes were renowned.

A warning hand of winter slapped the bike with a gust,
But on I pressed into the night fighting wind and dust.

The Broken Chain from outside was a typical old bar
Left behind in a place far from the freeways scar.

On a road of former glory but now where few will travel.
Peeling paint, neon lights a parking lot of gravel.

Music bellowed from within. I felt the rhythm of the base.
Bikes of every model year rested round the place.

I set mine on the kickstand with the others left to graze.
Then stepped through the door into the neon haze.

The door closed behind me as I looked around the room
To find the place was empty...quiet as a tomb.

The music that had threatened the foundation of the place
Disappeared when the door closed...gone without a trace.

I looked around in confusion turned to leave with a shrug
When behind the bar I spotted the Bar Keep lookin' smug.

"Welcome to the Broken Chain" he stated with a grin.
Then with a weathered hand he beckoned me within.

With untimely wit I made this guarantee,
To the empty room I said "The drinks are all on me"

The bell above the bar played a solitary toll.
Then the Bartender shouted "Drinks for every soul".

A shot glass was placed in front of every seat,
Every stool every table then when this was complete

I too received a beer to hold above my head
As the bar keep made the pledge "Here's to all the dead"

Every glass in the room floated into space
Turned on there side then drained without a trace.

I stared at this illusion while backing for the door
When the bell rang again and the bar keep set up more.

As politely as I could I declined the second round
But he pressed the glass into my hand and broke into a frown.

How many times the bell rang I cannot truly state.
It rang more than a Church Bell to fast to tabulate.

Then with the final toll I felt an inner chill
As the bar keep approached and handed me the bill.

"Do you want this on your tab or shall we settle this tonight?"
I bolted for the door but it was locked up tight!

He appraised me from a distance then slowly closed the gap.
It was then that I realize I was caught in Spiders trap.

So now I ride a highway in a different time and place
Directing other travelers to a final resting place.

Where they can have a brew out of the cold and rain
A righteous Biker Bar known as "Spiders Broken Chain".