Spark of Life

By Wild Bill
Copyright © 1996 All rights reserved

For years he made a slave of the power she possessed,
The rider held the key and called to his behest

Sparks of life withiní the coil, wires and the plugs
Forcing pistons without will to labor in the jugs.

That drove the crank around spinning chains of steel
Torturing the rubber mounted to the wheel.

Her craving for the bread of life would drive her to his will
Until his overconfidence allowed the fuel to spill.

He thought he owned the power that rested in the frame,
But when the gate was open she leapt out into flame.

Gorging on the banquet the wayward rider proffered
She soon began to steal that which wasnít offered.

Feasting on the oil that had built up over years,
Forcing from the iron steed victual black tears.

Free of her containment in brilliant conflagration
She rested from the motor her wretched compensation.

Screaming in betrayal the iron steed protested
As the blaze consumed, harassed and molested.

Racing for the fuel tank making her demand
The fuel within excitedly started to expand

Until the tortured steel finally was rendered
To the hungry daemon the nutriment surrendered.

In final gluttony she took all that was left
While the former master mourned empty, and bereft.