Just in case you don't know it, Slim was the guy that had the granddaddy of all Biker web sites; . Slim maintained an interactive list of the best Biker Watering Holes around the country. All you had to do was pick your state, and add to the list. What some people don't know however, is why Slim started this wonderful free service to all us cyber bikers. Well I uncovered the "why", all you got to do is read it.

Slim's List

By Wild Bill © Copyright 1997 All rights reserved.

I've ridden many places from Seattle cross to Main.
From Swamps and Bayou’s in the south to the Black Hill's and it's plain

And no matter where I travel I'm in search of my own kind.
Biker's with whom to share that certain frame of mind.

Now I'm not here to tell ya that ya shouldn’t take a chance.
I've met some Yuppie’s and some Hick's who will offer some romance.

But when you're with your brothers your odd's increase ten fold
That you'll leave just like you entered; free and wild and bold!

Now I'll ask ya in this forum to keep this story quiet,
'Cause if Slim heard I told ya, he might just start a riot!

Seem's Slim rode into "Bubbaville" while travelin' cross a state
That should of had a warnin' sign and guard upon the gate.

He pulled up to a local bar walked in and took a stool
And promptly tells the bar keep "Gimme somthin' cool"

She say's "How 'bout the local favorite, we got it here on tap."
But to his disappointment, it tasted just like crap!

Not meanin' to offend her he suggests' another brand.
But she just stood there starin' in response to his demand.

Meanwhile down at the corner there's two Bubba's drinkin' beer.
They started cacklin' like idiots' 'cause they could over hear.

Then volunteered to Slim that they only had one kind.
"But if you drink enough of it, you ain’t goanna mind."

About this time ol' Slim's eye's are adjustin' to the light,
So he finally see's the bar keep and nearly screams with fright!

But as the Bubba's promised the brew had its effect.
And soon his sober standards were lost with drunk neglect.

Then with no brothers round him to raise a warning flag,
He found himself a dancin' with that sorry nag!

Then as sure as day time follows the darkness of the night,
That bar room full of Bubba's was linin' up to fight.

A pool stick cross the cranium left Slim just countin' stars,
Till later in the mornin' when he woke up behind bars.

If Slim had only known it, a Biker Bar was hidin'
Right around the corner from where he stopped his ridin'.

So do a bro a favor and list yer favorite dive
And they'll know where to go in yer town when they arrive.

And don't delay it brothers add on the list right now,
'Cause it could be YOU next time dancin' with that sow!

Then don't forget to check it before you start to travel
So you don't find yerself before a Judges gavel!