The Six Legged Moose
By Wild Bill Copyright © 1996 all rights reserved.

The wildlife in Alaska is something to behold.
Of those critters in the north stories have been told
Of interactions ‘tween the fauna and two legged folks.
I’ve got a story for ya’ I’ve been promised ain’t’ no hoax.

A certain scooter tramp with a stubborn reputation
Was on his first spring ride after winters hibernation.
He left his place in Anchorage riding the Old Glenn
Headin’ north to Palmer to get out in the wind.

No rain fell on that day it was really warm and clear
So he pulled her in at Klondike’s and had himself a beer.
If you’ve been to Klondike’s you know one ain’t’ enough
So that part of the story one might wish to rebuff.

After leaving Palmer he stopped in Sutton Town
And has some more refreshments to wash the others down.
The spring celebration left his mind a little foggy.
I heard his condition described as somewhat soggy.

He got up past King River towards the Chickaloon
When he came upon a critter in a place inopportune.
A moose stepped in the road at that bikers ETA
Staring straight at his Harley with clear intent to stay.

Bullheaded by their nature they’re an ornery lot.
But that biker, he was oiled, pigheaded and hot!
The biker called that moose every name in the book.
The moose just stood there staring with a defiant blank look.

When obvious to the biker the moose would never budge
He made a rash decision, he would give that moose a nudge.
Rapping up his pipes to scare the moose with sound
He took off burning rubber, just as that moose turned round.

When moose and bike are north bound and their destinies intertwined
It paints an ugly picture when painted from behind
The bike stop’s kinda’ sudden the biker starts to sail
And head first hits that moose just beneath the tail.

Now bear in mind it ain’t’ my yarn it’s probly’ just a fable.
One of those critter stories that’s told around the table.
But in that story I suspect you will find the roots
Of the Six Legged Moose wearing motorcycle boots.