Sage Advise
By Wild Bill Copyright © 1996 all rights reserved.

A young biker asked my sage advice
about this lifestyle led

He wished to know the rules
so this is what I said

We bikers must keep an image
with our leathers and tattoos

Whenever in a bar fight,
be sure we never loose

Forever the consummate rebel,
the loner with very few friends

On a Harley riding the highway,
on a road that never ends

We carry our beer free and easy,
stay clear of loose conversation

Then grin when the cops come in
to conduct an investigation

Black is our color of choice,
old blue jeans torn and faded

With concho's and beads on our jacket
dark glasses to keep our eyes shaded

A kerchief worn on the head
to keep our hair from tanglin’

From the wallets in our pockets
a chain is always danglin’

And while there’s no rule of conduct
this advice I will bequeath

Never smile on your Harley,
‘cause you will get bugs in your teeth.