Don'cha just hate rules!! I know I do and most other Biker's do too. But society need's a few rules just to keep the dipshit's safe. The "Rule Of the Road" is one of 'em that's a good rule. As long as ya follow this one simple rule you'll be okay. I've never broken it and no self respecting Biker ever would. This is a favorite of a lot of folks out there. I hope ya like it.

Wild Bill...

Rule of the Road

By Wild Bill © Copyright 1996 all rights reserved

The rule of the road is simple
but remember it for your life's sake.
You can mess with just about any old thing
but a bike you should never take.

You can steal a Biker's 'ol lady,
get his boot's or wallet or belt.
But never touch his motorcycle
'cause those repercussions are felt!

You'll probly' just loose a tooth or two
for stealin' a Biker's beer.
For his wallet or boot's the cost goes up,
but you should be up in a year.

If you steal his 'ol lady or favorite dog
you can double the cost from above.
But never and I mean never
should you touch a Biker's love!