Ridin' East

By Wild Bill
Copyright © 1996 All rights reserved

"Where's the map?" I asked him
On a stretch of lonely road,
Shared with litter on the shoulder
And a flattened road kill toad.

"It's in my bag…at least I think.
It was there when we last stopped.
But I don't see it now…
Was on the seat, I guess it dropped!"

I had this sinkin' feelin'
I'd been down this road before.
Runnin' round in circle's
'Till my butt is saddle sore.

My brains since of direction
Usually ends in pointless chase.
Why if it wasn't for the gravity,
We'd both end up in space!

"That's okay," he said,
"We'll just keep on ridin' east
We should hit the Interstate,
By three o'clock at least."

"Just keep that mountain restin'
Over there… to our port.
We're bound to hit a town,
Or settlement of sort."

Three o'clock came and went.
I was getting' low on gas.
Not a solitary soul
In all those miles did we pass.

I pulled up to my Bro
And pointed at my tank,
Then I had this funny feelin'
"Shouldn't the sun be at out back?"

I posed this question to my Bro
When we stopped ahead.
He stood there for a moment
Gears a turnin', then he said;

"Why yea, you don't suppose
That the sun has changed direction?"
Then he looked around and said
After some reflection;

"No we're goin' east
'Cause the mountains left of me.
Right where it was when we started.
Ain't that plain to see?"

I couldn't argue with his logic.
Though I was still concerned.
But after several miles,
To our back the sun returned.

About this time however,
My bike ran out of fuel.
And coasted to a stop
Stubborn as a mule!

I then picked up an item
Off the pavement I bestowed
Upon my bro when he pulled up.
A flattened road kill toad!