Parts Upon My Mind

by Wild Bill © Copyright 1996 all rights reserved.

It wasn't too long ago I was out for a little ride.
I started having problems so I pulled off to the side.

My bike was blowin' smoke, it felt like the belt was slippin'
So I figured that old band was slack and I needed new rings on my piston.

I got her started and hit the road even though my bike was lurchin'
Then off I went in a staggered sprint for the part's I was a searchin'

It wasn't too far down the road I saw a Harley sign,
So I set her on the kickstand with parts upon my mind.

This place looked kinda' different there was paintin's and such on the wall.
It didn't look like a motorcycle shop, but like a gallery in a mall.

I looked around until I found a guy stocking jeans from a box.
He was next to a rack that held a stack of Harley Davidson socks.

I told him for that bike of mine I was searchin' for a belt and rings,
He said; "That won't be a problem, for a Harley we have lot's of things!"

He took me to a glass shelf, and it was lined with felt;
Then said you'll find the rings here, and over there you'll find a belt.

I gazed inside and all I saw was jewelry and the like.
There wasn't any parts in there that would fit upon my bike!

I looked up and told this guy "This ain't what I'm lookin' for."
He says with glee "What else do you need from this full service Harley store."

We have everything that you could want when out on your bike for a ride.
There's silver belt buckles and coffee cups, and leathers of the finest cow hide.

We have Harley pins and Harley gloves and even Harley toys,
There's also a line of Harley clothes for little girls and boys.

Over here there's Harley jewelry of the finest black hills gold.
On that other rack you'll find leathers that look real old!

Over in that corner, you'll find our designer sweaters,
And all of them are designed to match our Harley Davidson leathers.

We have books and cards and stationary and even Harley ties,
A wide selection of T-shirts of all colors to match your eyes.

We have all of the accessories to make him or her a fox.
And if you're into music, there's even a Harley Jukebox!

We have bumper stickers, pewter mugs and Harley tennis shoes.
If you really want to look the part, there's the temporary tattoos.

And on that night that you just might not want to ride alone,
We have a fine selection of Harley Davidson cologne!

Then with his nose turned in the air he said in a fashion lofty;
"We also carry Harley beer, and even Harley coffee".

When he finished with this tirade my blood began to boil,
I inquired rather loudly "Where's the sparkplugs and the oil!"

It was then that he looked at me like I was some kind o' freak,
And said "This isn't some parts store, this is a Harley Boutique!"