Many of us have families, bills and lives to lead. We wish the best for our children. The balance in life is difficult at best. How does one cope? I don't know. I know that at times I feel as if I live a lie. Every time I walk into the office. I am a biker. I live for the freedom of the road, the wind.

I wrote this one night as a challenge to myself. Max had just sent me another great piece of poetry. I hadn't written anything of significance in several weeks. It was my wake up call. To express a feeling in verse is common for most poets, but not for me. I usually write of the lifestyle not the real feelings we must live with. The fun of the road, the challenges we meet but not what really goes on inside.

Here is a rare peek inside.

Wild Bill

Paperclips and Tape

By Wild Bill © copyright 1998 all rights reserved.

I stand the watch in suit and tie,
This part of life I live a lie,
Waiting for my time to come
I watch the clock while softly hum
a rhythm only I can hear,
Slowly though the time grows near
I'll gird myself for my assault
ner' I go while they say halt.
The hands upon the face take shape.
My world of paperclips and tape
will soon fall low, so I'll make hast
and loose this life of wonton waste.
Away I'll fly into the sun,
or stars or rain or snow I'll run
Away to make that 'pointment be
to my soul I'll finally flee.
Cold steel meets my touch as I
step nimbly off this world to fly,
Running wild to where I roam
Until that rhythm takes me home.
Then dream softly of my trails
of pursuing siren wails
On the 'marrow I'll return
to paperclips and tape yet yearn
for the time to leave that place
returning to my quiet space.