Old Equipment

By Wild Bill
Copyright © 1996 All rights reserved

Motor Oil was runnin' through the veins of that old man,
Who rode along the highway upon his vintage pan.

The old fellah knew every trick in the book.
Any time you were stumped, he knew where to look.

Some of his methods were unorthodox.
He'd make repairs with paperclips, band aids or socks!

But if you broke down and didn't have a clue
The old man showed up, and knew what to do.

Didn't matter what the vintage, he'd get the thing to sing.
When it came to old equipment the old man was the king.

I was with him on the day his pump finally failed.
I kneeled above his frame as the coming sirens wailed.

And told the old man "There comin' on the double!"
But he just smiled and said…"Some things ain't worth the trouble."