Ain’t gunna take it no more!

By Wild Bill Copyright © 2009 all rights reserved.

My partner, wife, an’ lady said,

“Leave those boots at the door!”

“Didn’t you listen you knuckle head?”

“I ain’t gunna take it no more!”

First I show up at nearly three

Creepin’ in late at night.

Leave the door open as I pee,

Stumblin’ round, what a sight.

Reekin’ of beer and cigarettes,

There’s lipstick on my collar,

My wallets empty from losin’ bets,

Don’t know if she’ll cry or holler.

But the thing that had her in the air

Floatin’ around on her broom

Was my motorcycle over there

Parked in the livin’ room!

Marriage though is a compromise

Of that I will confide

So if you show up at sunrise

Leave your boots outside!