Motorcycle Jacket
By Wild Bill © 2011 all rights reserved.

Terrain of grey wilderness meets my vision,
Salt encrusted wasteland of fishers,
Ancient topography telling of old times,
Prehistoric moments when verve ruled the neo earth.

Over eons sun baked this landscape.
Wind buffeted rivulets pilfering what life remained.
Stitches that held fast continents from drifting
Long gone but a legend of greater times past.

Tired, aged and worn limbs spread beneath her landscape
Flexing this rigid globe in tumult, shredding anew rested crevices,
Bringing images of life past with animation like some undead thing
Moving absent its soul.

Again this scorched world sets out across space and time
Falling in weightless melancholy
Enslaved to the bidding of laws of physics her master
Racing across infinite heavens.

Shielding yet again
Ablaze in this atmosphere of friction
A comet tail of debris laid in the wake
To end as a cinder burnt and spent.

Iíll grieve for you soulless thing.
Tears in cascades for times of old
In a better era when at the dawn of our creation
You my lifeless friend were my protector.