A Spot for Scott!!!

I wrote this for Genghis when the "Piss Peas" split from Iron Horse magazine. It was a bold step for not only Genghis but Snow and all the rest. Whether right or wrong man must stand on principle or we are nothing. My hat is off to all those who throughout history have made a stand!

Thanks Genghis for being the ornery cuss that you are, a friend, patriot and brother.

Live to write, write to live!

Your Bro...
Wild Bill

No Man Rides Alone

In spirit we will join
on a highway long and wide,
to travel through this world like the wind.

Passing other souls
like pickets on a fence
intertwined as brothers we will blind.

Our voices will be heard
over greed, and retched acts,
while we champion the freedom others lost.

So as others fall
we must remind each soul
that freedom will rest a heavy cost.

Each Valeant Knight among us
must mount their Iron Steed,
taking to the wind our ardent tale.

Fight against injustice,
raise the standard high
for it will be our children that we fail!

The battle rages on
and though we sometimes falter
we must stand by what our heart bids us do.

So if your brother falls,
reach out your hands together,
for the one whom you champion is you!

Congratulations brother! Every principle stood for is a battle won! Rejoice in victory!
Your Bro
Wild Bill