By Wild Bill
Copyright © 1996 All rights reserved

Big Jake Small
Was known for bein' blunt.
If ya wanted a part you did the checking'.

So he welcomed Slim
With his customary grunt
At the gate of "Small Parts and Wrecking"

Slim had a rep
For attention to detail.
But he wasn't known bein' fast.

He went about his search
At the speed of a snail
Checkin' every wreck that he passed.

Old rusted hulks
Stared with empty eyes
As Slim meandered though the yard.

At closing time
Much to his surprise
He found a front, clip barley scared!

Big Jake Small
Was getting' kinda' bored
And had forgotten about his wayward shopper.

So he locked the gate
Took off in his Ford
After lettin' out his dogs, Axe and Chopper!

Now there ain't nothin' worse
Than two Junk Yard pets
Who've been put in the yard without dinner.

So when they spotted Slim
All of the bets
Were that Chopper and Axe would be the winner.

The following day
Jake rolled out of bed
And remembered with regret that he blundered.

So he ran to the yard
And got the dogs fed
But why they weren't hungry, he just wondered.