Ya know America is the place to build if ya want to make it. I don't think that any other country on the face of the earth offers the opportunities we have right here in the U.S.A. Now don't get me wrong out there, I've been to many places and ain't found one that I didn't like. But none of 'em were home. During the latter part of the Industrial Revolution here in this country, it was damn tough on the workin' people. Folks made shit for wages, were treated like surfs, and discouraged from attempting to go beyond there place in society. But a few did. Some people with vision pushed this world into a new century. Now we look upon another. It's a good time to look back before we leap into the next millennium and reflect on the lessons from the past. Encourage your fellows to be true to their own visions. Who knows what a person can do when they put their mind to it. Look at the following for example.

Wild Bill...


By Wild Bill © Copyright 1996 all rights reserved.

Forgive me gentlemen if I sound a little coolish
My associates and I feel your scheming somewhat foolish.

I suppose it is your youth that leads you from the firm.
Even though I do expect you'll be back in a short term.

Don't think that we'll be waiting; I'll fill your jobs today.
If you return next week I'll start you at half pay.

I must tell you that your prospects appear somewhat bleak.
You'll be happy to return to me at fifty cents a week!

Walt, you're just a fool. But Bill I gave you credit!
Your tinkering is folly! There I finally said it!

Man was never meant to ride around as you suggest.
Why you're just as bad as Wilber and Orville and the rest!

The wheel was intended to operate with a peddle,
Not with some gas dynamo as you intend to meddle.

Besides I'd rather buy a horse and feed it oats and barley,
Then put gas in a bicycle from Davidson and Harley!