By Wild Bill © 2010

Motion ends the welcome wind that cooled me in my travel
Surrendering to searing heat of burning sand and gravel
The kickstand sinks in blacktop but stops in time to rest
As I remove the armor of leather chaps and vest.

Stepping ‘cross debris in respite off the path
Thirst begins to show her adolescent wrath
Toward the cooling dark my boots begin to tread
For when she cries afoul desire becomes a dread

Again it ends in shadows, familiar scent and chill
Then reality takes over in darkness cold and still
Memory steals an instant rewinds and plays a scene
Of life before the moment when free I would careen

Through turns and curves and twisty’s delighting in the speed
Wind and time passed by to satisfy the need
Steal and heat my servant I drove them to their best
As King within my Kingdom I would not allow them rest

Another story opens as my eyes close yet again
Of asphalt trails, firelight, of women and of men
Friends and laughs and drinks; reflections of my time
Before the dreams took over in forgiveness for my crime