Use Discretion

By Wild Bill
Copyright © 1996 All rights reserved

I was hangin' 'round the Carousel one Saturday night
When a leather clad cutie saddled up.

She warmed up to my shoulder leanin' over real tight
And started to cuddlin' like a pup.

I was feelin' kinda' mellow after beer and a shot
So her attention I thought should be returned.

My innocent suggestion seemed to make her real hot
A condition that can get a biker burned!

Much to my distraction someone tapped me on the back
I pulled myself around to find the source.

I found a belt buckle that was part of the tack
Of a biker that was bigger than a horse!

My eyes began to follow the terrain of his shirt
It kept going like the side of Mt Denali.

I had a funny feelin' I was goin' to get hurt
On his chest you could hold a biker rally!

"Do you know that's my ol' lady hangin' on your arm?"
He said from atop his hairy summit.

"No" I said to him with my customary charm,
"But with some help perhaps I could hum it."

That's the last thing I remember from that Saturday night,
But hidden in this story is a lesson.

If a leather clad lady should offer some delight,
And you want to keep your head, use discretion.