Cyber Biker

By Wild Bill © Copyright 1996 All Rights Reserved

In the Spring I'm gettin' ready for the season to come.
In the Summer you could call me a motorcycle bum.

In the fall I clean her up and put my bike away,
For the winter when I ride another highway.

I warm up my computer, send e-mail to mom
Then set another course for motorcycle dot com.

Riding on this road I go to many places,
From shoppin' at Bartle’s to Rally's and Races.

I study the past from the Holy Ranger,
On Harley's own page where I'm not a stranger.

Pictures of the models make for quite a show.
It's an awful lot of bytes and my modems' real slow.

But I don't mind the wait, I just grab myself a brew
And travel to another place when the loadin's through.

On this super highway you've got to play it safe.
And I'm not just referrin' to gettin' saddle chafe.

To avoid a crash, beware of hitch hikers,
Or you'll get a virus that infects Cyber Bikers!

Riding in Alaska has certain limitations.
On the superhighway there's no border between Nations.

So I'll ride the net, until winter's end,
Trade the keyboard for a saddle and get out in the wind.