While in Sturgis in 1990, I actually saw the bike described on this page! I didn't see it at Mt Rushmore though. I saw it at Devils Tower, and yes I did make the comment at the bottem.

By Wild Bill ©1996 All rights reserved.

Every year at Sturgis you can witness a parade
Of every kinda' motorcycle that was ever made.

Bikes of every model year proudly customized.
Airbrushed tanks, fur lined hacks, and some accessorized!

Now please don't get me wrong, accessories I defend!
But I saw a bike one year with additions beyond end.

Some Winger parked his nag at the base of Rushmore Mount.
Every President on that hill stared with eyes popped out!

A C.B. for starters, was mounted in the dash,
With a T.V. and stereo playing Johnny Cash!

A wrap around windshield complete with wiper blade,
A canopy on the top, to give the rider shade!!

Aircraft landing lights to cut the thickest fog!
Every bolt on you could find within a catalog!

A tiny air conditioner and heater were there.
With little fans concealed within to push around the air!

A side compartment open for everyone to see
Contained a micro kitchen, and a fridge for keepin' tea!!

A lap top computer, cell phone and fax.
And a satellite uplink for business contacts!

I walked over to the place where the bike was listing,
And realized one accessory of importance was still missing!

I paused for a moment, then told this high tech rover,
"All you need is two more wheels so it can't fall over!"