Biker Poetry Submissions

This is were you will find poetry submissions from other poet's around the world! If you wish to submit poetry to Wild Bill for publication on Wild Bill's Culture Corner go to SHOUT BACK and send it in. I would prefer that you use the e-mail rather than the form, 'cause it will allow me to send you a confirmation regarding your work. If you use the form, I have no way of gettin' back to ya. If you've been to Wild Bill's in the past, you may have noticed I have made a few changes. The front page was loadin' kinda slow, so I thought I would do somthin'about it. Hope that the changes have helped you to injoy puttin' 'round the corner a little more.

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Biker Poetry from 'round the World

Red's Poem
Red left this one in my guestbook one day, I like it!
A Biker in Hell
By Mountainman. This is a great poem, by a great poet. Let's hope to see more of his stuff! You can check out Moutainman's page at my Link's page.
My 'ol Harley D
By Don Hood at Lazy Rider. This one's from the heart by a fellah who has realized a dream. After readin' Don's poetry, you can check out his site. There's a link on my link's page.
Biker Poetry By OWG
This link will take you to the poetry page of OWG. He's a great poet,and has a great lookin' scooter! Check out his page while yer there.
By Roger Bacon. I feel lucky to have found this poetry by Roger. I think you'll agree.
Poetry by Loreli
Some wonderful work by a sister out there. Check out Loreli's poetry for a special experiance.
Panhead Lament
This is on e of the best pieces I've seen! I'm glad Falcon allowed me to put it here! Your going to love this poem!
Ode to Old Rubber
By Mongrel. This is good! I didn't know Mongrel could write with those paws of his but he can, and proved it with this one! Check it out!
The Poetry of Rap
Now heres something fresh, new, something your all going to like! Injoy!
Author unknown. This was sent in by wavs. You can visit her site at The Best of the Rest Link's Page.
By Stacey. We all have our story. This is his.
The Night Before Christmas (Biker's Version)
From Fat Bob. Yer gunna love this re-write of a classic!
Just Riding Through
By Deb. This one ask's a few questions in my mind. A very thaught provoking piece.
The Poetry of Max
I have devoted a page to Max now. So check his stuff out and check it often. You may want to bookmark this one!
The Resurrection
This ain't poetry, but it is "Biker Liturature" at it's finest. You are going to love the wit of T-Bone.
By Big Richard. This just about somes everthing up folks.
Black Cat's Eyes
T-Bone takes us down a road less traveled with this one. A dark road...
RAW Poetry
You have never seen RAW Poetry, now you can read it by the original! RAW has produced some great stuff. You'll find I have given him an intire page, he is very prolific. Injoy!
By Rabbit. A Bro out of Seattle, remembering a friend, and the life.
By Crow. As I've said before, bikers have a lot on their minds...
River Road
By Jerzee Jeff. A biker out of the backwoods of North Carolina writes a true account of a ride.
By L.S. Shevshenko. Out of Georgia, tired of the same old shit...
Sorez the Scribe
This is Sorez the Scribe's personal web site. "Sorez" has been writing a long time, and amassed a large collection of his work on the web. He is definetly worth checking out. He's a great poet, and a true Bro.