The Patch
By Dutch © 2013

If You Look At The Patch
That We All Wear
And The Journey We Took
To Place it There

Each Stood Up
We Heard the Call
Many Would Bleed
And Many Would Fall

We Stood For Our Nation
But When We Came Home
Most Of Us Found
That We Stood Alone

It’s Been 38 Years
Since The End Of That War
And The Ones That Are Left
Band Together Once More

It “Don’t Mean Nuthin”
Is What We Would Say
But Really It Did
Back In The Day

That Patch On Our Backs
Mean Little To Some
But For Us Who Were There
It Means “We Are One”

We Fought On Two Fronts
Over There And Back Home
We Mounted Our Bikes
And We Started To Roam

We Claim The Name “NOMAD”
In That We Have Pride
We Banded Together
And Together We Ride

Time Moves On
The Years Pass Us By
But We Got Each Other
And Our “Patch” Still Flies

We Are Veterans Of Vietnam
We Bow To No Man
And We Earned The Right
To Ride This Land

Someday We Might Pass You
And Your Child May Say
“Dad, Who Are Those Men”
You Could Answer This Way

“Those Are Old Warriors
For This Country Stood Tall"
And We Must Never Forget
To Thank Them All

They Asked For “Nuthin”
When They Came Home
Just Stay Out Of The Way
And Leave Them Alone

What We Have
Is Because Of Them
They Went Over As Boys
And Came Home As Men

They Soon Will Be Gone
But Son, Never Forget
They Served With Honor
They’re Vietnam Vets

Now Our Hair Might Turn Grey
But You Need To Know
The Fire That We Had
Still Burns Below

The Years Have Passed
But I Need To Say
We Were “Brothers” Back Then
And We Are “Brothers” Today

When That Time Comes
And Our Sun Finally Sets
We Will Go To Our Graves
As “Vietnam Vets”

And When “My” Time Comes
Not to Be Sad
Just Have The Stone Read
"Here Lies a Nomad”..


By Dutch .