Stacey is a bro that stumbled in one day on a whim. Like many other bro's out there, he found that the Biker Life Style is rather poetic. We all have somethin' to say about this life. How we began, what ties us to it and why we love it so. This one by Stacey is probably shared by many of us. Read on.

Wild Bill...


By Stacey

When I was young and my world was new,
how was I to know I'd be ridin' with you?

Sittin behind the ole' man, starin' at the sun,
I never dreamed ridin' could be this much fun.

Twenty years later and now I'm on my own,
just puttin' around, never goin' home.

I feel like the road's my home these day's,
with the wind in my face, I follow life's highways.