The River Road

By Jerzee Jeff

The sun was setting on the tops of the trees
as I laced up my boot down on one knee
I gotta big ole Harley and my girls on the back
and there's a road to the river where the water runs black.

I don my apparel of leather so tight
and take to the road with the suns guiding light
I feel like a King on this black iron steed
I ain't got nothing but there's nothing I need.

Down the winding road through the trees so high
old barns and houses all pass me by
past the tobacco and the fields of cotton
down to the river where time is forgotten

When I get to the river I'm gonna make me a place
to watch the sun lie down on the waters fast pace
and when darkness sets in and the moons shining bright
I'll drive it home...with one Head light.