The followin' poem by Red illistrate's why a Biker has to be VERY carfull about who he get's help from!!! All I can say is; fellah's don't let this happen to you!

Wild Bill...

Red's Poem

By Red

There once was a Biker named Richie,
Who nicknamed his Harley "Ol Bitchy"
He'd jump up and down,
But she'd not make a sound,
Which made Ritchie, quit itchy at Bitchy!

One day poor 'ol Bitchy got stuck
In the muddy tire track of a truck!
He pushed and he shuved,
But she just wouldn't budge
So he sat down just thinkin', "Oh fuck"!

When along came a chick on a Honda,
Who told him her real name was Rhonda,
She got Bitchy out,
Ritchie let out a shout,
And found he was fond'a 'ol Rhonda!

Now the two of them live in a lodge,
While 'ol Bitchy stay's in the garage,
It's really ironic
When you think upon it,
But now they are drivin' a Dodge!!!