The Poetry of Rap

Now Rap has some good stuff folks! Wish I'da thought of it myself! "Judgment" presents a good philosophy for all of us and "Harley Day" speaks of priorities. Normally if someone get's themselves hooked up with a biker they better injoy the lifestyle or they better go lookin' for someone else! I hope you injoy the words of Rap. I did and am hopin' we'll be seeing more of his stuff...

Wild Bill


By Rap © copyright 1997 all rights reserved by the author.

I live this life,
as I see fit.
Make my own choice,
won't just quit.
If I do choose right,
then I can rejoice.
But, if I choose wrong,
it'll be my choice.
So do not tell me,
what to do.
For I must live
my life, not you.
When on that day,
my Judge I face.
You'll not be there,
to take my place.
You have your own,
wrongs to right.
You'll not be there,
to plead my plight.
You have your own,
dues to pay.
So let me live,
this life my way.


By Rap © copyright 1997 all rights reserved by the author.

Out to ride the road again.
Out there ridin' with the wind.
Engine wound, it's go for broke.
Stop now and then for a smoke.
I love you girl, but I can't stay.
Sun's a-shinin', it's a Harley day.

So leather up and just kick back.
Or color me gone and that's a fact.
Down the road, round the bend.
Just out ridin' with the wind.
This Harley is mine, it's part of me.
So go along or set me free.
I love you girl, but I can't stay.
Too much sun, it's a Harley day.

When the run is over, I'll be back.
But I'll go again, that's a fact.
I'll go alone or with a friend.
Just out ridin', with the wind.
I'm Harley rider to the bone.
Bike and I, roll on and on.
I love you girl, but I can't stay.
If the Bitch'll run, it's a Harley day.

If you want, come go along.
Think I'll stay, Honey your wrong.
Rain or shine, I just don't play.
Cause everyday, is a Harley day.