In Memory of Mike "Gypsy" Nolan
Died February 9, 1998


To have rode the highways of this country
And had the wind in my face
Is the best feeling anyone could have.

To have an Iron Horse that can stop
When it want's to burn all of the wiring
Or have the points get out of adjustment.

To have been able to stop on the side of the road
And meet the people I have met
Is a great experience.

I would not trade this life for anything in this world,
For these people will always be lifelong friends
With whom that moment will always be shared.

So those of you who have not yet experienced this
You can't know what you are missing nor can I explain this to you.
To try would be impossible.

Always remember that if you see a Biker broken down along side the road,
Stop and assist any way that you can
Because someday this may be you.