Looks like someone took a wrong turn, that led to a good place. Enjoy.


By Purser

Riding my bike late last night

Not another soul in site

Warm nite in my face

Held me in its soft imbrace

My engine roars

My bike so fine

My tack is pegged over nine

I heard the thunder

And felt the breeze like fire from hell

Between my knees

Suddenly I left the ground

The thunder stopped

There was no sound

The fog was thick

But I could see

The DEVIL himself riding next to me

I heard him laugh and call my name

I saw his fire and felt his flame

He pulled ahead I saw him wave

I twist my throttle and left that devil there in his grave

My engine roars my bikes so fine

My tach still pegged over nine

It feels so good I must be high

The sign ahead reads


No Title

By Purser

as I walk down this path of concrete and steel
I look at my past and how it doesn,t seem real
as I look through the bars of concert and steel
I LOOK at my past and how I made it so real


send her an angel from God up above
send her an angel of mercy and love
send her an angel for she's all alone
send her an angel so she can go home