Panhead Josh has been writing Bikerpoetry so long that his name is synonymous with the genre.
If you've not read his material before, you've missed some really great words. Here are a couple of great pieces by this wordsmith.

Memories In The Wind

By Panhead Josh

Weíve Had Some Good Times

Living Our Youth ,

One Step Over The Line

And Pushing That Line Further

And Further Each Time

The Memories May Fade

And The Lord Knows We Are

Getting Old And Grey,

But That Donít Mean I Donít

Miss The Good Ol Days

Remember When The Battles

Were Many And We Were Few?

When Getting High And

Hitting The Highway

Was Much More Then A Joy Ride?

We Sure Have Done Some

Crazy Things My Brother

I Think We Did Our First Felony

Together When We Were Just Kids,

Weíd Be In Prison If We Got Caught Doing

Half The Things We Did.

Drinking Tequila

At Seven In The Morning

And Leaving The Bar At Noon

Hood Surfing And Howling At The Moon,

When Did We Grow Up

And Stop Acting Like Fools?

I Wouldnít Give Up

What I Have To Go Back

But I sure Do Miss The Wild Times

We Once Had.

I Could Write A Book

And Fill It To The Brim

With All The Things

We Once Did,

But Thatís Between You And

Me Brother

Them Memories Are

Best Left In The Wind

Yes My Brother We Will Leave

Them Memories In The Wind

Rollin The Dice
Panhead Josh 4/29/12

Iíve Been Rollin The Dice
Almost All My Life
Been In And Out Of Jail
More Then Twice
Yeah Been In My Share
Of Bar Room Fights

Iíve Lived On
Both Sides Of The Gun,
Came Up With
The Dead Manís Hand
More Then Once,
And Somehow Managed
To See The Age Of
Twenty One

Thereís Not To Many
Drugs I Havenít Tried
And Alcohol And Pills
Have At Times Controlled
My Life

Iíve Spent Years
Trying To Remember What
I Forgot, And Just As Many Trying
To Forget What Iíve Saw

Living Life At
Full Throttle, Hand
Full Of Pills And A
Whiskey Bottle
Living My Life Like Thereís
No Tomorrow