Man now this is cool. What a concept! I love it when I see a piece of work from a brother that I didn't even know wrote! This is good folks! Mongrel has been posting at the Virtual Biker for some time now. If he's been posting this kind of quality material, I must have missed it! Enjoy...

Wild Bill

Ode to Old Rubber

by Mongrel

Just put to test the mods I did
On the Mongrel Pans' rear end..
New brakes and and total rebuild of
The dinosaur star hub.
The factory would look askance
At liberties I took alright,
But with some inginuity
That "new " star hub is tight!
But in the works and truely best,
New rubber on the rear.
The test comfirmed my joyous hopes
True cornering improvement here.
Where once I had to slow at curves
I now turned up another ten,
No more concious countersteering
Nor wrestling the bars
No more even thinkin
Just looked her thru the turns!
I thought my years of riding skills
Had been severely dulled
Or maybe I had lost my nerve
For takin on the thrills
When all along the demon
Was the rubber on my wheel!
From end to end I coursed the rock At twice the posted speed,
Curves slipped quickly to the rear
With grace and new agility
For dodging white tailed deer.
I really like the classic look.
But when all is said and done
What really matters is what works
Lookin is for jerks.
I love myBrand *NEW* Firestone
No more classic tires for me
The riding is what's fun!
So goodbye, farewell
Good riddance too!
I know I will not miss you
Old Dunlop K-181 !