Poetry by Loreli...

Here is but a small part of the poetry of Loreli. I would like to thank her for sharing some of her work on this page. Loreli visited Alaska and much of her work was inspired while here. Let's hope she continues writing, for this is some truely good poetry.

Thanks Loreli for gracing my pages with your work, and please send us more.

Your Bro
Wild Bill

Sweet Freedom

I saw freedom in the parking lot today,
Chrome and Steel - beautiful to see.
A tear tries to escape my eye,
thoughts fill my mind
as I sink deeper and deeper
this floor opens up and swallows me whole.

I saw someone else's freedom in the parking lot today,
gas and oil - sweet to the smell,
a breeze feathers my hair,
memories of the sun and warmth,
deeper and deeper - lower and lower

I saw freedom beyond the fence today -
out of my reach

Loreli 4/10/89


Each day she looks out her window waiting...

For a time when a lone man will ride up the narrow road that leads home.

A cabin sits there, a lonely woman waits...

For a day when the sun shines brighter and the stars multiply.

A day when rain won’t fall and the clouds wouldn’t dare come out.

The blue sky will sparkle as the wind whispers secrets in the lonely woman’s ear.

She’ll know...

Today’s the day her man comes home to her.

The walls have all crumbled, the chains have all rusted, and the guns don’t shoot anymore.

The years of waiting and wondering have ended.

The mighty sound of the Harley comes closer.

A tear comes to her eye as she sees him,

He stands before her to wipe the tears away, and kisses where the tears have fallen.

The waiting is finally over.

Loreli 07/12/88


Flying free with the wind in your hair,
the sun at your back.
you don’t even bother looking back
as you putt down the road
flying free as an eagle.
your man in front of you.
your friends all around.
The club is your family and you follow the rules
your colors are faded.
As each scar tells a story...
many years of ridin’
just you and your ol’ man

Loreli 11/86