This piece was written for my wife Terri and I by cousin John. He's been tinkering with poetry ever since he discovered what fun it can be. I'm pretty impressed!

Thanks John! Nice work my friend!

Push On
By John Terreault

He rode his steed across this land,

with burning sun and blistering sand.

His lips are parched bleeding and red,

he can't get her out of his head.

Push on, push on his senses cried,

finish this journey and see your bride.

Wind, sun and dunes so high,

dry his throat he wants to cry.

Push on, push on, keep going this way,

I'm going to see my bride today.

Thousands of miles under my belt,

can anyone know the pain I've felt?

None of this matters I tell you for sure,

whatever it takes I will endure.

For when I dismount from this trusty ride

I will be back with my cherished bride