Laurence P.Scerri aka The Ironhorse Writer has been around for a while now. His work is scattered throughout the web on sites that offer fine examples of Biker Poetry.

The life of the Cowboy, and that of the Biker have many similarities. Both live a well-defined lifestyle, wear clothing that fits what they do, and are uniquely American. Larry remarks on this in the following.

Cowboy and Biker

Copyright © 1/13/2005 Ironhorse Writer

Cowboy and Biker
A long, dusty road
Dismounted respective saddles
In an effort to unload

“Where ya headin’?” says Cowboy
Biker gave a stare
“Wherever my kickstand sets to rest
That’s when I know I’m there”

Both men spoke of rides long past
Of those yet still beyond
Of horse, horse power, helmet and hat
A handshake being their bond

How lives resigned to freedom’s fight
Accept all consequences
How those forsaking freedom’s blood
Accept a life of fences

Biker pulled out a well-worn flask
Two swigs were left, at most
Told the Cowboy, “One’s for you
I propose we drink a toast”

“Here’s to the ladies, pure as day
Who tried to steer us right
Here’s to those who made it hard
The ladies of the night”

“Here’s to bein’ right with God
Learnin’ from mistakes
To fixin’ all the wrong ya can
Doin’ what it takes”

A deep voiced drawl bellowed, “Amen”
A leather vested, “Righteous” replied
As a long, dusty trail beckoned once more
For a Cowboy and Biker to ride