Man this is cool. Pretty much somes up what we do too! You get into a frame of mind when riding. Some folks have refured to it as "The Lazy Mans Zen". But when you cut through all the other explanations, definitions and other stuff it all boils down to "Go."

Wild Bill...


By Big Richard

Lungs a thumping
Black blood a pumping
Generator ready to go

Dust off the chair
Check out the air
Make sure all lights are a go

Take tools plus a map
We are taking no naps
Let the wind blow

After the days done
We had so much fun
It makes me sad I must go

But go I must
As I release the clutch
Hope I see you on the road

Lungs are silent
The black blood is cold
My bike just sitting waiting to go

Richard Lee Hampton
January 25, 1995