Man, this is one of the best poems that has been submitted to Wild Bill's Culture Corner! Falcon has been doing some wonderful material for a long time, but this is the first time he has allowed me to grace this little corner of cyberspace with his work. You are going to simply love Panhead Lament!

Thanks Falcon for sharing this with everyone.

Wild Bill

Panhead Lament

What better way to spendaday than ride upon a Pan
an now the road b'longs to you yer in control agan
the que-tip couple peeking out that big fat cadillac
I'm sure they'll call their congressman if ever they get back
an nicotine stain charlie who drives without a care
could not see outis winders when e cut ya off back there
and brake brake brakelight betty with nuthin up ahead
just piss piss pissed her knickers when you blew by her instead
but dars times yer catch the greenlights and pass long lines on right
and get ahead of one more cage and disappear from sight
climbin up the steep one an hangin curves jus right
drag pipe music fadin off into da lonely night
you can't buy this feelin for twenty thousand bucks
or duplicate it cheaply hondoos n cowasucks
so pointy oily puddle then puff n pout n whine
but dis here engine run de roads since nineteen and forty nine