Deb dropped this one off while just passin' through one day. What leads us to do this? What leads us to live this lifestyle we live? Look around some time at the ramifications of this life. The memories. The feelings. Is everything in our lifestyle free. Could there be a price? Or is this life pricless? Read on.

Wild Bill

Just Riding Through

By Deb

Our meeting was our destiny.
Two, out of place, in a place where different doesn't fit.
I was lonely and you were home.
I couldn't help but feel your life;. it was all too familiar.
I know the look of worry in your sister's eyes, I've seen it on my own sister's face. It's hard to love someone enough to want to take their pain.
Does it comfort you to know she cries for you? Mine prays for me too.
I could see you, young and tanned, worrying the mothers of good Catholic girls. I know they think of you sometimes, in their safe suburban homes, and touch themselves, remembering, while their husbands are sleeping.

My father looks at me with disappointment. He wants me married to wealthy man, living in a clean white house with picket fence.
I can no more tame my wild heart than stop my lungs from drawing air.
I've tried to love a 'nice guy', but the passion of a restless soul is the only one I feel.
I crave the mix of sadness, anger, lonliness, fantasy and the longing for a place that feels like one you knew a long time ago.
It was meant for us to meet; take a part of me with you as I fight the urge to fly. I am making myself fit because I have to.
I will never truely fit.
A small town is a hard place to be different.