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By C.C.

Of the things in my life I've enjoyed and take pride,
Are the feelings I get when I'm out on my ride.
A feeling of "oneness" with all that surrounds me...
It never gets "old"... this always astounds me.

Then there's my memories, that I could never erase.
Like the sun on my arms and the wind in my face.
The response of my bike when I twisted the wick...
I had to hold tight, cause the speed climbed real quick.

The sound of my pipes... The throb of the twin...
The rapping and echo's... evoked a big grin.
The flash of my spokes... the scenes flying by...
Always gave me a rush... a pure natural high.

Whether one up... or double... alone or with others...
I always enjoyed, riding free with my brothers.
I came to life's crossroads one day years ago.
I then had to decide, which direction I'd go.

I'd lived a long time with the Bikes, Babes and Booze.
I felt if I kept on, I'd eventually lose.
This spiritual urging I felt deep within...
Would always resurface much to my chagrin.

The thoughts that would gather,  I couldn't explain.
I longed for release... for some peace in my brain.
I considered my life,  and some things that were in it.
Then I made a decision, like a New York Minute.

I vowed still to ride,  Only "NOT" when I'm drinking.
I still want to live... What Was I Thinking???
I know I won't miss it... The booze I could lose.
The things that were helpful... "those" I would choose.

It's not wimping out, to admit that you love GOD.
I know my soul will carry on, after my six feet of sod.
Keep in mind on the road to hell... there is no cul de sac.
If you don't change direction soon, you may not make it back.

You can't party down in "hell"... the good time's will be through.
You can't hide from satan's workers, when they come for you.
You may be big and bad, and whip most guys around...
But when the devil grabs you man, he'll knock your "bad" right down.

The day will come when the parties will end... they'll lose their appeal.
You'll have to then really "knuckle down" and deal with what is real.
For all you know, this may be the year of your last "run".
You don't want to leave this earth, without "first" knowing The SON.

You won't find a "bondsman" in perdition... waiting there for you.
You can't bond out, and pay the fines for what then will be due.
One day you'll reach the Crossroads... which way will YOU Go?
Are you in it for the real "long haul"... or just for this one show??

One day we'll stand before our GOD, and give a full account.
You'll have to be without your bike... you won't need your mount.
If by then you have been saved, you're in for a great thrill.
Paint and Chrome won't get 'ya home...
But knowing JESUS will!

C.C. İMay 14, 2006
Poems by C.C.

Biker Blessing

By C.C.

There's some who have known me before I met YOU...
Before I was changed...and my old man was through.

Most would agree...that I was a mess...
And chances were slim... of my reaching success.

The path that I'd chosen... the life I'd persue...
Were all about pleasure... And not about YOU.

I lived quite awhile in that Hell-Bound direction...
Without many friends... Devoid of affection.

My lifestyle was simple... All for myself...
If You don't get it now... You'll be left on the shelf.

My life was about... two wheelers... and such...
I rode with some Pardners, like Dead-eye, and Dutch...

Daddy Dell, Castro, and Crazy Dave too...
We all were like brothers... a real rebel crew.

The Leathers... the Levis... the paint... and the chrome,
We'd gather together and ride far from home.

We'd visit the taverns, and frequent the bars,
"Jammin" together... weaving through cars.

But soon I considered... there just had to be more,
There had to be something much better in store.

Then without warning... my attitude changed...
I knew that my choices... must be rearranged.

I took a long ride to the mountains I love,
Under brilliant blue sky, with white puffs above.

I rode quite awhile down a lone country lane...
With sounds of my pipes, and the whine of my chain.

I felt I should somehow remember this day,
And I didn't believe it... But I knew I should pray.

I pulled off the road and sat there... real still,
On top my red Harley, at the crest of a hill.

I stared at Your sunset... of Orange, Gold, and Red...
Reviewing the wasteful, sin filled life I'd led.

I'll always remember the peace that I felt,
When I dismounted, and slowly knelt.

I asked for forgiveness, for my errant behavior,
And immediately felt... the touch of my Savior.

I looked quickly about me... to quell my new fears...
That someone might see... my cheeks wet with tears.

With such love in my heart, and deep peace within...
I knew right there Lord... You bid me, "Come In".

And "IN" I will stay... for as long as You let me,
For I know now Lord... that You'll never forget me.

These things which I write... took place in years past
A time in my life... that I am glad didn't last.

The Old Man is gone, and a new man emerged...
The sin in my life that I knew... had been purged.

I am more certain now... of the things that I do,
I just can't imagine... my life without You.

You filled me with Joy... and blessed all my days...
And forever my Lord... to YOU I'll give praise.

By: C.C. İNovember 19, 2005

Poems by C.C.