Had a flat...

Copyright 1999 billyazlin

Had a flat one day
Busted the chain on another
How many folks are there today
That you would call a brother

It just ain't what you do
But the feeling behind
What's in your heart and soul
Not some bogus line

Seems everyone's out for themselves
To hell with the other guy
As our time goes ticking past
And life passes by

Make the most of what you've got
Yeah, you've heard it before
When everything winds down to an end
Be sure your foot's in the door

Head on out...

Copyright 1999 billyazlin

Head on out
Far down the road
To a place never visited
Before I'm dead and cold

Leanin' against the sissybar
Smokin' on a joint
Lettin' the engine cool down
What's the fuckin' point

That others seem to feel
Controlling their very lives
Can't get out
Much less ride

Here on the highway
'Bout to head on down
The long, winding road
The next little town

It's hard to put...

Copyright 1999 billyazlin

It's hard to put it into words
These feelings inside
A loneliness all too familiar
And I can't hide

The highway is my prison
My sled is the key
To unlock my inner desire
Here in the land of the free

I've tried life on the other side
A job, a wife, and kids
A drifter and a vagabond
Usually on the skids

Ya wanna play, ya gotta pay
We all reap what we sow
Choose our paths carefully
Headin' west on interstate four-oh