Copyright 2003 Bob Bryant

I was sitting at the bar
When I noticed the old man
He sat staring straight ahead
A beer clutched in his old hand

I couldn't help but wonder
What he had on his mind
Was it something yet to happen
Was it something left behind

He turned once to look at me
His eyes they were so cold
But for once in my life
I saw another mans soul

What I saw in that brief moment
Will forever be with me
I saw years of living hard
I saw a man that was truely free

I saw a man that had lived
His life for himself
I saw a man that was getting
Ever closer to death

I saw a man with years of travel
Under his old leather vest
I saw a tough old Biker
With not to many years left

I saw most of his life
Tattooed on his arms
I saw the words "In Memory of"
Above a list that was quite long

I saw a tattoo of a woman
That I knew once was his wife
Because the words inked below her
Said " She was my love, and shared my life"

I saw a tattoo of an old bike
Just like the one parked outside
Underneath that was scribed in ink
" My Life and My Pride "

I had barely noticed
When the old man rose to his feet
I was to busy gawking
At his life done in ink

I snapped back to reality
When I heard him say
Could you spare an old biker
A cigarette today

I said " Sure I don't mind"
Take yourself two or three
He said " Just one will be fine son"
I'm just about to leave

I've got many miles left to go
I've gotta be on my way
I'm off to pay my last respects
To a Bro' that died today

He is a Bro' of mine
That I haven't seen in years
He's also the last person on earth
For whom I'll shed a tear

Everyone else, from my past is gone
I've seen them leave, each one missed
I'll stop somewhere tomorrow
And I'll finish inking my list

I said, "I'm sorry about the staring"
I didn't mean no harm
He said " Son no need to sweat it"
"I better be getting' along"

Then he said "Oh by the way"
"The lady inked on your wrist"
"Son I hope in your life,
It's years before she makes your list"

I sat and thought to myself
As the old man rode away
A man I've never seen before
Just earned my respect today

What Makes A Biker?

Copyright 2005 Bob Bryant

"What makes a biker" I was asked
By a young man late one night
He said he was gonna be one
He said "I wanna do it right"

I think I busted his little bubble
When I let out a big laugh
I told him " Son it's all about the man"
I can't say there's a certain path

I told him clothes and many bucks
Can get your ass on a scoot
But I told him that won't make you a biker
Even accessorized with steel toed boots

Every biker that I know
Carries a certain pride inside
It's a feeling about a life
A feeling that he can't hide

It's not about that you own a bike
Not riding just to be seen
It's more about a feeling within
Anyone can wear t shirts and jeans

Even a biker can clean up pretty good
Hell they can even show grace
But you can tell a righteous brother
Just by the look on his face

A true biker won't change his ways
To fit a situation at hand
He'll handle it just being himself
Even if it pisses off other men

Every biker I know will stand his ground
He won't back down from noone
If you ever cross him too bad
You better step up or run

Most of them don't have a lot to say
They don't talk just to be heard
Many of them can get to the point
Spitting out very few words

A biker doesn't have to run with the crowd
Just because the crowd is there
You'll never see him any happier
Than when the winds blowing through his hair

A biker won't shoot you lies
Tell you what you want to hear
He'll shoot it to you good and straight
If you don't like he won't care

A biker will take care of his own
Be it his family or his friends
He's the one you want on your side
When any kind of trouble sets in

A lot of bikers believe in God
They know God believes in them
They'll talk to him as they ride
Thank him for the caressing winds

"So you see" I told him
I can't tell you a biker you'll be
Just get on a bike and be true to yourself
The rest will work out
"You'll See"