The emotion of motion takes many forms. We release our feelings through what we say, but also in what we do. Biker Jer has shared some good poems here. They speak to events that can be once in a lifetime, or everyday life. I've certainly shared these thoughts. Have you?

Tomorrow I'm Gonna Ride

By Biker Jer

Tomorrow Iím gonna Ride.
All my dreams smashed to tiny pieces.
The love of my life gone although never here.
Glimpses of a family pass through my mind.
Like the sound of metal sliding across the pavement.
No way to change the outcome.
These sounds in my mind are soon to change.
Tomorrow Iím gonna Ride.

Tonight the road is dark.
No way to clearly see what lurks around the next sweeping turn.
There is a cold and misty fog against my face.
My heart is pounding as she whispers ďa little fasterĒ.
Please let this nightmare end.
Soon it will because of one thing.
Tomorrow Iím gonna ride.


By Biker Jer

Many friends through out the years
Some old and some new
Many from years gone by
A new one just yesterday
Maybe another tomorrow
When you are down they lift you up
Like the morning sun they brighten your life
As refreshing as the morning dew upon the ground
Friends, worth more than silver and gold
Through this twisted maze called life
They lead you to that final escape
My weary heart smiles to think of Friends
Truly, if not for Friends, why go on?
As I think of true friends
I often wonder one minute thing
Where in the fuck are they?

My Old Sporty

By Biker Jer

An old Harley Sportster from years ago
Not even a battery, had a magneto
Stall it on the road while riding at night
Yep, youíre right, not a sign of a light.

Kick for a while then kick even harder
Hell no, there was no electric starter
It might kick you back, there was always that chance
Had to be set just right, the left grip, the spark advance

Oil on the ground could be a real fun spoiler
No problem dude, thatís from the chain oiler
Other leaks seemed to be part of the plan
Even in the showroom, Damn, a drip pan

Chain drive, thatís the vibration you felt
Only your greasy jeans made use of a belt
Four speed transmission, some how we got by
Hey, you on the Honda Dream, Donít even try

That old shovel head, only nine hundred ccís
Plenty enough to put us both in the breeze
Yep, that old shovel compared to my ex wife
Yep, that old Sporty was the love of my life.