Betsy Lister, AKA "Gypsypashn" has been around the Biker Poetry scene more years than just about anyone I know, including myself. A biker, poet and successful insurance broker in Massachusetts Gypsy has been promoting the sport of motorcycling and the genre of Biker Poetry for well over a decade. She has been published in numerous magazines and even an anthology or two, and is an active member of the Highway Poets MCC. Gypsy has been so busy over the years promoting other poets and being a "good neighbor" in the biker community with her daily biker news source "Biker Bits" she only recently took a little time to post her own work on a separate web page.

Recently Gypsy was kind enough to offer me a few of her pieces as a Guest Author. So, take a few moments and check out her work below.

I Gotta Do

by: Betsy E Lister a/k/a
© Gypsypashn~~í~~,~~<{@

My wild younger days
are catching up with me
I done gone way past
the age of 53
Iím about as washed up
as a woman could be
But I put on a smile, a smile outside
Ď Cuz I gotta do what I got to, to ride!

My body aches;
it suffers from the cold
My bones these days
are feeling mighty old
And my muscles now have
a mind of their own
But I donít pay it all no mind
Ď Cuz I gotta do what I got to, to ride!

My wristís in a wrap
My hipís in a cast
I done broke my foot,
this summer past
My backís a brace
My armís in a sling
Iím told I shouldnít do
much of anything
Behind that statement you know
I wonít hide
'Cuz I gotta do, what I got to, to ride!

Hell, if I were the tin man
My joints theyíd be rust
The rest of me would
Make a nice bronze bust
Thatís as sedentary as the docís say
I should be
But they just donít know
Whatís goiní on
inside me
So I just take it all in;
all in stride
ĎCuz I gotta do, what I got to, to ride.

Iíve left along the way
Some bodily parts
Someís been donated
To savings the arts
So with whatís left
Iíll hold onto;
hold onto inside
Cuzí I gotta do, what I got to, to ride.

Liquid libation
gives me duration
And I can wear a brace
and ski mask my face
I can don mittens and woolens
And be all warm inside
ĎCuz I gotta do, what I got to, to ride!

Well, on days I be hurting
And feeling a bit ill
I know I can pop me
Another one of them special pills
That sure nuff gonna give me,
Give me the will to survive
'Cuz I gotta do what I got to, to ride!

Well the docís say Iím pure loco
Done gone lost my sense
Hell, itís like I fell
on the other side of the fence
But I pick myself up
Like a new born bride
'Cuz I gotta do what I got to, to ride!

Well done gone lost my body
And now some say, my mind
People be a talking
And say Iím ďthat kindĒ
The type that be crazy
And should be locked up
But I let um know
that Iím just a young pup
And keep them in kind
'Cuz I gotta do what I got to, to ride!

Well you can say
what you want to
Hell; even mean what you say
But Iíll just get on my scoot
And ride away
And I wonít look back
And with that keep my pride
ďCuz I gotta do what I got to, to ride!

In the Wind

by: Betsy E Lister a/k/a
© Gypsypashn~~í~~,~~<{@

Majesties call us again
You by my side
We take to the open road
The hot summer's sun
Beaming warmth on our backs
Wind embracing our faces
Hair whipping wildly
Like that of an untamed paintbrush
Splashing vivid color on canvas

The melody of the engines hum
Strikes a symphony upon the air
Crescendo of pipes roars
It's orchestration at it's finest
A ballet on wheels
Rolling hills and countryside
The backdrop superb and sublime

We couldn't have painted it better

God provided
Guardian Angels enabled
Mother Nature endowed

You wink
I smile
As we explore each mile
In sync
In tune
with the essence
and splendor of it all

Another revolving vista
Wide open adventure
The enticing lure of the road
The rolling and winding of endless landscape
The thrill of the unknown
Never before experienced
shared together
Our rhythm and rhyme
The melody entwines

Together we ride
You and me
Side by Side


You and me
On the brink
In Sync

In the Wind